Scott Statement on Updated Trumpcare Legislation

“Over the past few weeks, Senate Republicans have continued to scramble to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with Trumpcare. During this time, they have done nothing to fix the underlying damage that Trumpcare will cause – the erosion of protections for Americans with pre-existing medical conditions and a crippling age tax on seniors.  While a Congressional Budget Office assessment is necessary to determine the full impact of the legislation, the new version only tinkers around the edges and does nothing to actually improve health coverage and affordability for American families.  In fact, the bill cuts billions from Medicaid, which provides funding for critical services in our nation’s public schools for students, especially for students with disabilities, and would cause millions to lose access to health insurance.  Simply put, no matter what you think about the Affordable Care Act, the House bill, the original Senate bill, and this latest version of Trumpcare, all would increase costs, reduce the quality of your insurance, reduce the number of people insured, and endanger those with pre-existing conditions.  Trumpcare moves us in the wrong direction and hurts America’s students, workers, and families.”

Press Contact

Democratic Press Office, 202-226-0853