Rep. Takano Statement on DOL Appealing Texas Court Decision to Block Overtime Rule

WASHINGTON – Rep. Mark Takano (D-Calif.) released the following statement today after the Department of Labor said it will appeal a Texas court decision invalidating the Obama administration’s overtime rule, which would extend overtime protections to millions of middle-class workers.

“I share the widely held view that the Texas court decision to block the overtime rule was deeply flawed and jeopardizes the Department of Labor’s basic authority to issue rules that protect American workers. In that regard, I appreciate Secretary Alexander Acosta’s decision to appeal that ruling and defend this and all future administration’s ability to set labor policy.

“However, I am disappointed that the Trump administration is more interested in fighting for its authority than for the ability of American workers to earn a living wage. The overtime rule, as written by the Obama administration after an intensive two-year rulemaking process, would extend overtime protection to millions of middle-class workers. The Trump administration has already announced its intention to weaken the rule by limiting the number of workers who will be eligible for overtime protections.

“The overtime salary threshold has been so low – for so long – that most employees are not even aware that they’re losing out on the pay or the time with their families they have earned. In the face of crippling inequality and record corporate profits, and after four decades without a meaningful update to the overtime rule, now is not the time for modest changes. It is time to do what President Trump promised and stand up for American workers.”    

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