New “Future of Work” Report Details How Congress Can Support Workers in the Modern Economy

WASHINGTON – Today, the Committee on Education and Labor released a report on the “future of work,” exploring how a flood of new technologies and business models is shaping the American workforce. 

In the report, the Committee identifies three key challenges Congress must tackle to protect, promote, and prepare American workers in the coming decades.  Informed by expert testimony and stakeholder input, the report offers detailed recommendations for how Congress can support workers in the modern economy.  

“The conversations about the ‘future of work’ we hear today often paint a bleak picture for American workers.  The compounding effects of technology, globalization, climate change, and other structural shifts have fomented the idea that workers could face an inevitable race to the bottom for wages, benefits, working conditions—or even worse, the elimination of many job opportunities.  Yet, the reality is that the well-being of workers in our economy is not, and never has been, outside of our control.  It is largely determined by policy choices that we make—or don’t make,” said Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03).

“Our job in Congress is to do everything we can to ensure that the changing economy does not undermine the financial security and labor-market opportunities for American workers.  This report outlines how Congress can chart a path that ensures every American worker strong protections, fair pay and benefits, and a rewarding career.”

The report also outlines, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growing urgency of ensuring workers are secure, protected, and prepared for the future of work.

To read the full report, please click here


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