Committee Report Details How the Trump Administration Prioritizes ‘Politics Over People’

WASHINGTON – Today, the Committee on Education and Labor released a report highlighting its oversight of the Trump administration. The report, “Politics Over People: How the Administration’s Corruption, Cover-Ups, and Incompetence Hurts the American People,” outlines how the Committee – through hundreds of letters, meetings, public hearings, and even subpoenas – exercised its oversight authority to hold the administration accountable.  

Over the last four years, the Trump administration repeatedly failed to faithfully implement the law, concealed critical information from the public and from Congress, and consistently prioritized personal or political agendas over the interests of the American people.  

“Regrettably, over the last four years, the Administration has refused to work in good faith with the Committee and, instead, clearly demonstrated a culture of incompetence, cover-ups, and corruption,” said Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03). “Taken together, [this report reveals] an Administration that prioritizes politics over the American people.  Accordingly, as the 116th Congress comes to a close, the Committee remains committed to conducting rigorous oversight and ensuring we have a federal government that works for the people.”

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