Chairman Scott Urges Colleagues to Advance Build Back Better Act

WASHINGTON – Education and Labor Committee Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03) delivered the following remarks during tonight’s Floor debate on advancing the Build Back Better Act. 

 “Madam Speaker, every investment in the Build Back Better Act addresses an urgent challenge facing families, workers, and our economy.

“Within the jurisdiction of the Education and Labor Committee, this proposal makes child care affordable and it invests in securing free, universal, and high-quality preschool for three- and four-year-olds.  These provisions will give millions of parents the opportunity to reenter the workforce without having to worry if their children are safe.

“The Build Back Better Act makes nearly 9 million more children eligible for free school meals, and invests in helping more children get healthy nutrition over the summer.

 “It lowers the cost of higher education by increasing the value of Pell Grants and making another major investment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions.

“The bill invests in high-quality job training programs so that workers can build their skills and increase their paychecks, and help employers find the skilled workers they need to grow their businesses.  It shields workers from wage theft, unsafe workplaces, and violations of their right to organize by strengthening enforcement and increasing penalties for companies that break the law.  And it funds service opportunities and job training programs to help protect our communities from the climate crisis.

“The Build Back Better Act strengthens programs that provide vital services to millions of older Americans and Americans with disabilities.  And it lowers the cost of prescription drugs, particularly insulin.

“Madam Speaker, any of these provisions on their own would meaningfully improve the lives of our constituents.  Taken together, this is a historic proposal that will lower costs for nearly every family, create millions of good-paying jobs, and set a strong foundation for the future of this country.  And it is fully paid for by making corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share. 

“I hope all my colleagues will join me in supporting the Build Back Better Act and taking a critical step toward a monumental victory for the American people.