Chairman Scott to Trump Administration: Preserve Records to Ensure Smooth Transition to Biden Administration

The Committee seeks written assurances from the Trump administration that records will not be destroyed, modified, removed, transferred, or otherwise rendered inaccessible during the transition.

WASHINGTON – Today, Committee on Education and Labor Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03) wrote to Departments and agencies under the Committee’s jurisdiction requesting written assurances that during the upcoming presidential transition, it maintains records as required by the Federal Records Act (FRA).  

In the letters, Chairman Scott notes FRA requires all Departments and agencies in the Executive Branch to collect, retain, and preserve records that document “the transaction of public business” or contain “informational value.” This information sharing and records management is important to ensure that the President-elect is prepared to lead the country immediately upon assuming office. 

“Since the FRA’s enactment in 1950, there have been a dozen presidential transitions, and it is the Committee’s expectation that your agency will fully comply with the requirements of Federal Records Act to ensure a smooth transition of agency operations,” Chairman Scott wrote.

Chairman Scott also seeks assurances from the Trump administration, in writing, that records, documents, data, or information have not been and will not be destroyed, modified, removed, transferred, or otherwise rendered inaccessible during the transition.  Federal officials and employees who violate FRA are subject to criminal penalties.  Any agency employee who “willfully and unlawfully” conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, destroys, or attempts any such action against a federal record, is subject to fine and/or imprisonment for up to three years. 

The Chairman sent letters to the Departments of AgricultureEducation, Health and Human Services, and Labor, as well as the Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionNational Labor Relations Board, and Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission



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