Chairman Scott Statement on Secretary Acosta’s Resignation

WASHINGTON – Chairman Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement after Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta resigned.

“Given the serious questions about his handling of the Epstein case and his failure to take responsibility for his conduct, Mr. Acosta was no longer entitled to public confidence. Accordingly, he made the appropriate decision to step down.

“However, Mr. Acosta’s resignation does not absolve the Justice Department of its obligation to release a full review of the Epstein case, which I requested along with other Members more than six months ago. The Epstein case is an extraordinary example of the ordinary ways in which money and power often determine who prevails in our criminal justice system. We must have a national conversation about the deep inequities that this case represents.

“Today is about more than one person and one plea deal. It is about a two-tiered criminal justice system that continues to treat the rich and powerful under a different set of rules.”


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