Chairman Scott Statement on Distribution of First $6 Billion in Emergency CARES Act Funding to Colleges and Students

WASHINGTON – Chairman Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement after the Department of Education announced it will distribute some of the CARES Act emergency education to colleges and students.

“The COVID-19 public health emergency is putting an enormous strain on our higher education system. In passing the CARES Act, Congress issued a down payment on the immediate and substantial relief that displaced students and cash-strapped institutions need to cope with this crisis. The CARES Act is particularly focused on providing emergency cash assistance to help struggling students cover the cost of food, housing, and other basic essentials, and giving institutions of higher education a lifeline as they suffer heavy financial losses. 

“While I am pleased that the first $6 billion in emergency funding is now being made available, we must recognize that is just one step in a long and challenging effort to maintain access to education for students across the country.”


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