Chairman Scott Speaks on House Floor in Support of Bipartisan Bill to Prevent and Treat Child Abuse and Neglect

WASHINGTON – Chairman Bobby Scott (VA-03) delivered the following remarks during the floor debate for the H.R. 2480 – Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (Stronger CAPTA). 


“Thank you, M/ Speaker. And thank you to Dr. Schrier and Mr. Comer for your leadership on this important issue. 

“I rise Today in support of the bipartisan Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, or Stronger CAPTA.

“Congress has a vital role in helping states protect children from the physical injury and emotional trauma associated with child abuse and neglect.  Stronger CAPTA would fulfill that role by increasing investment in both the treatment of child abuse and neglect and the programs designed to prevent maltreatment from happening in the first place.

“Specifically, this bill would provide states with resources to:

  • Strengthen prevention programs;
  • Invest in child protective services agencies; and
  • Streamline communication between these agencies across the country.

“It would also build upon a bipartisan commitment to keep families together when it’s in the best interest of a child.

“Last Saturday, May 18, was the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of Heaven Watkins, an 11-year-old girl in my community who lost her life because of child abuse. 

“Had the reforms in this bill been in place, Heaven’s death could have been prevented. Specifically, investing in prevention strategies and improving the collection and sharing of vital information can help children like Heaven from slipping through the cracks.

“I’d like to again thank Dr. Schrier and Mr. Comer for their leadership as well as Ms. Bonamici, Ms. Trahan, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Stefanik, and Ranking Member Dr. Foxx for their work in bringing this bill to the floor.

“I urge my colleagues to support the Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, and I yield back the balance of my time. “

To read the fact sheet on H.R. 2480, click here.


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