Chairman Scott Remarks at Rules Committee Meeting on Build Back Better Act

WASHINGTON – Education and Labor Committee Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (VA-03) delivered the following remarks at today’s Rules Committee meeting on the Build Back Better Act. 

“Thank you, Chairman McGovern and Ranking Member Cole. I’m pleased to speak in support of the Education and Labor Committee’s section of the Build Back Better Act. 

“Over the past few months, Congressional Democrats and the White House have held a difficult and highly public discussion of how to fulfill President Biden’s agenda. But the process that has brought us to this moment we should not obscure this simple reality that this legislation is an historic achievement on behalf of the American people. 

“The Build Back Better Act proposal unveiled today would lower costs for nearly every American family, create millions of good-paying jobs, and set a strong foundation for our future and the legislation is paid for, not adding to the national debt. I want to thank the Ranking Member of the Budget Committee for his promise to publicize all of the provisions of this bill. 

“Within the Committee’s jurisdiction:

“The bill delivers a historic investment in making child care affordable and secures universal, high-quality pre-school for all three- and four-year-olds. These provisions alone are transformative investments in families that will give parents the freedom to earn a living without having to worry whether their children will be safe and cared for. 

“I’m also proud to report that this proposal also makes nearly 9 million more children eligible to receive free school meals. The lesson is clear from our response to the pandemic – and that lesson is that when we expand access to child nutrition programs, fewer children go hungry. This is an opportunity to continue our progress in the fight against child hunger.

“This proposal also lowers the cost of higher education by increasing the maximum Pell Grant by $550 for more than 5 million students, and it secures another significant investment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and minority-serving institutions. I want to specifically note that despite the intense pressure to make cuts to the legislation passed through the Committee, this revised proposal actually increases aid to these valued institutions. 

“To support the millions of hardworking Americans and rebuild the middle class, this legislation invests in high-quality job training programs, that will allow workers across the country to increase their paychecks and better provide for themselves and their families.

“And finally, the bill secures more than $1 billion for vital programs that support seniors and people with disabilities.

“This legislation would meaningfully improve the lives of the constituents we are here to represent. I am grateful to my colleagues on the Committee and across the Democratic Caucus for their commitment to fulfilling President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. 

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I yield back.”


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