Adams Statement on Trump Administration’s Newest Attack on Women’s Healthcare

Charlotte, N.C.—Congresswoman Alma Adams (NC-12) released the following statement after the Trump administration announced an Interim Final Rule that rolls back a portion of the preventative care mandate in the Affordable Care Act requiring employers to offer health insurance the covers birth control.

 “Since President Trump took office he and the Republican-controlled Congress have relentlessly attacked women’s rights. Today’s rule is no different,” said Congresswoman Adams. “Currently, 62 million women have access to birth control with no out-of-pocket costs, leading to an average savings of $255 a year. With a single stroke of a pen, the president’s short-sited decision will place contraceptive care out of reach for millions of women. What will it take for Republicans to recognize that access to comprehensive healthcare is good for American women and good for their families?”

Press Contact

Hailey Barringer, 202-225-1510