Adams Statement on the Budget Blueprint’s Impact on HBCUs

WASHINGTON, DC —Congresswoman Alma Adams (NC-12) released the following statement after the administration announced their “skinny” budget.

“Less than three weeks ago, this administration claimed it is a priority to advocate for HBCUs but, after viewing this budget proposal, those calls ring hollow,” said Congresswoman Adams. “This budget slashes critical funding for institutions, students, and their families.

“With a 13% cut to federal education funding amounting to a nearly $4 billion rescission in Pell Grants, an almost $200 million cut from TRIO and Gear Up, and no increase to HBCU specific funding, this budget guts the support programs that build a pipeline of deserving students to these colleges and universities. It also lacks much-needed resources for infrastructure improvements on HBCU campuses and measures to increase college affordability.

“I know, first hand, the impact that HBCUs make in student’s lives because of the impact they’ve made in mine; we must support a plan that allows our schools to not only survive but thrive. Instead of wasting billions on a useless border wall, Congress should support a budget that includes restoration of year-round Pell Grants and the substantial increase of their purchasing powerresources for HBCU infrastructure improvements, and robust funding for TRIO, Gear UP, federal work-study, and other essential financial aid programs that enhance opportunities for students.”

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