4 Hours of GOP Complaining, 0 Credible GOP Plans to Lower Costs for Workers and Their Families

At today’s Committee Hearing with Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, Democrats showed up for work and highlighted how the Biden-Harris administration and House Democrats are helping workers and their families succeed in the modern economy. Meanwhile, Committee Republicans spent the majority of their time criticizing the Biden-Harris administration yet offered zero credible plans to help lower costs for workers and their families.     

What’s more, Republicans have voted no on several Committee proposals to support workers and their families:  


D Votes 

R Votes 

Protecting Workers’ Paychecks 



Helping Workers Access Better-Paying Jobs 



Protecting Retirees’ Financial Security 



Here are the bills Committee Republicans could not support:  

Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Recovery Act: puts hard-earned wages back in workers’ pockets and cracks down on employers who unfairly withhold wages from their employees. This bill would give workers the right to receive full compensation for the work they perform, as well as the right to receive regular paystubs and final paychecks in a timely manner.  

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2022: reauthorizes the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for six years and fully funds the workforce development system to ensure workers can get the skills they need to advance in in-demand, higher-paying careers.  

Protecting America’s Retirement Security Act: strengthens the retirement system to protect workers’ retirement savings and better support families and employers. These improvements include helping workers understand the fees they pay on retirement investments, strengthening retirement plan protections for spouses, and encouraging workers to build emergency savings.? 

While Republicans continue playing politics, Democrats will continue advancing legislation and work with the Biden-Harris administration to improve people’s lives.  


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