Chairman Scott Reacts to State of the Union

WASHINGTON – Chairman Bobby Scott (VA-03) issued the following statement in response to the State of the Union.

“I am disappointed that President Trump’s State of the Union address failed to offer meaningful solutions to the critical issues facing students, workers, and families across the country.

“The president did not offer a serious plan to reverse the chronic underfunding of public education. Instead, he touted a $5 billion private school voucher program that would function as a tax break for corporations and the wealthy. House Democrats will not waste time on proposals that undermine public education.

“Despite his promise to support workers, the president offered no solutions for the overwhelming share of workers and families who are struggling to meet their basic expenses. We must take action to increase the minimum wage, give workers more power in the workplace, and help create an economy where everyone can succeed.

“Also, the president failed to offer a substantive proposal to make health care more affordable for American consumers. In fact, even today, the Trump administration continues to support a lawsuit that would strip affordable health care from millions of Americans, particularly those with pre-existing conditions. 

“Unfortunately, instead of using his platform to propose meaningful solutions, the president chose to deliver a partisan State of the Union address that largely ignored the challenges facing students, workers, and families across the country.”


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