acrobatNational Disability Rights Network Letter of Support of Raise the Wage
acrobatDisability Coalition Letter
acrobatBusiness for a Fair Minimum Wage Support for Raise the Wage
acrobat362 Organizations Supporting the Raise the Wage Act
acrobatDem Committee Letter to HHS and Treas on APTC and Waivers During Shutdown
acrobatChairs Scott & Neal Letter to HHS re RFRA Exemption
acrobatTop Dems Send Letter to Trump Administration Regarding User Fees
acrobatLetter to NLRB re Withdrawing the NPRM
acrobatTop Dems Request for Inspector General Audit of DOL's Controversial Child Labor Rule
acrobatOIG Audit Request of ACICS - Enclosures 1 with Appendix and 2
acrobatScott Murray Comment Letter to Child Labor NPRM
acrobat Letter to HHS & CMS re Texas Lawsuit
acrobatLetter to HHS on Plans to Redefine Gender
acrobatBicameral Letter to the Administration on 1332 Waiver
acrobatLetter to HHS on RFRA Exemption
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