Wage and Hour Issues

Today, American families are working harder than ever but far too many continue to struggle to make ends meet. That’s why Committee Democrats strongly support the work of the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) to ensure hardworking American families earn a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Every Committee Democrat signed a letter to President Obama expressing strong support for the WHD’s efforts to expand overtime pay protections to millions of American workers by updating the salary threshold below which workers are guaranteed overtime pay for hours worked in excess of forty in a week. And the Committee looks forward to the Wage and Hour Division finalizing the rule this year.

The Democratic members of the Committee also stand with the majority of the Democratic caucus and the majority of the American people in supporting an increase in the minimum wage. The Raise the Wage Act of 2019 would gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $15.00 per hour by the year 2024. The Raise the Wage Act would also ensure all workers are paid at least the full federal minimum wage by creating one fair wage for all workers. 

Committee Democrats also support efforts to increase the minimum wage for workers on federal contracts; ensure that businesses that receive federal contracts also comply with workplace wage and hour, anti-discrimination and safety laws; and require businesses with track records of non-compliance to improve their performance as a prerequisite to receiving taxpayer-funded contracts.  Supporting these sensible legislative proposals will help ensure that employees of federal contractors receive appropriate wages, overtime pay, and the right to take job-protected leave for family and medical purposes.  

Key Legislation and Proposals:

The Raise the Wage Act

The Paycheck Fairness Act

The Payroll Fraud Prevention Act

The Pay Stub Disclosure Act

The Department of Labor’s Proposed Overtime Rule

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