Employee Benefits

Middle class Americans are working harder and getting less. Committee Democrats believe workers should be able to balance the demands of work and family, obtain affordable health care, and have access to other benefits to help them raise healthy families.

Committee Democrats are committed to strengthening work and family policies so that people who work hard and play by the rules have the opportunity to get ahead. Today, far too many working families are being forced to make the impossible choice between earning a paycheck and taking care of a loved one. The nature of work, and the workforce, has changed over the last 40 years, yet the policies that govern the workplace have not. It does not have to be this way. This Congress, Committee Democrats introduced a Working Families Resolution (H. Res. 506) calling on the Majority to prioritize working families and hold hearings and votes on the ten legislative proposals.

The majority of Committee Democrats urge the support of legislative proposals that will help workers balance their responsibilities at home and on the job, including:

  • The Healthy Families Act (H.R. 932) which establishes a national paid sick leave standard;
  • The Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (H.R. 835) which ensures people have income during family or medical leave; and
  • The Schedules that Work Act (H.R. 3071) which enhances schedule flexibility and predictability so that workers can plan their lives, including coordinating child care, going to school, and caring for elders.

In addition, Committee Democrats support additional efforts by the Obama Administration to spur the development of paid leave programs and other measures to help workers balance work and family, by providing technical assistance and funding to promote state innovation. Committee Democrats also support steps to ensure that federal contractors have access to paid sick leave. 

Key Legislation:

Healthy Families Act 

Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act

Schedules That Work Act