Fact Sheets

acrobatRaise the Wage Fact Sheet
acrobat5 Ways the Texas v. Azar Case Threatens the Coverage You Get From Your Job
acrobatKeeping All Students Safe Act
acrobatGAO Report on College Readiness
acrobatGAO Report on Public Service Loan Forgiveness
acrobatEmpowering Students Through Enhanced Financial Counseling Act
acrobatPublic Service Freedom to Negotiate Act
acrobatAim Higher Act Fact Sheet
acrobatHBCU Capital Funding GAO Report Fact Sheet
acrobatWorkers Freedom to Negotiate Act
acrobatH.R. 4508 Opposition Fact Sheet
acrobatExpanding Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Program
acrobatGood Charters vs. Bad Charters: A Tale of Two States
acrobatFast Facts: Charter Schools in Michigan
acrobatGAO Report Summary: Black Lung Benefits Program
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