Jobs and Job Training

Committee Democrats believe that in order to help the unemployed and underemployed we need to ensure that our federal training programs are job-driven and adequately match with high growth sector jobs. We support efforts to ensure that U.S. workers get the skills they need to compete in this 21st century economy. Now more than ever, effective workforce development opportunities are critical to a stronger middle class.

Last Congress, Republicans and Democrats joined together to pass the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) in a bipartisan matter. The training programs in WIOA will help American workers gain and improve the tools they need to succeed in the workforce. Committee Democrats are firmly committed to the goals set forth in WIOA. As such we believe that it is critical that each WIOA program is funded at the levels authorized by Congress. Full funding for these programs will help ensure that in the first program year of full implementation states and localities have the capacity to effectively achieve WIOA’s goals.

Committee Democrats strongly support the Obama Administration’s continued commitment to expanding registered apprenticeships in the United States. We know that apprenticeship programs can help an individual gain the talent and skills needed to enter and thrive in the middle class.  Expanding apprenticeships is a commonsense solution to enhance employment opportunities for workers in high growth sectors that rely on a highly skilled workforce.  While we hope the Administration will continue to pursue both discretionary and mandatory measures to advance apprenticeships, we will continue to pursue legislation that would promote apprenticeships in the long term. A robust registered apprenticeship program is vital to ensuring that the American workforce can compete within the emerging global economy.

Key Legislation:

Workforce Investment Act of 2013

American Jobs Act

Local Jobs for America Act

Pathways Back to Work Act

American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act

Local Jobs for America Act
Jobs for Main Street Act
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act